Cat Scratch

“Cat Scratch” is a tablet based interactive e-book experience. Digital elements such as animation, sound, parallax images, and light interaction are used to support the story of young Summer Ripley and the flying cats brought to life through her imagination.

The goal of this project was to explore new ways to take advantage of the digital platform to enhance e-book reading without detracting from the core elements of a traditional reading experience.

Credits: Technical Artist and Sound Designer

  • Designed and managed the complete content pipeline for incorporating text, illustration, and the final interactive Unity components.
  • Designed page layouts in collaboration with our writer.
  • Animated content from our illustrator.
  • Curated and edited audio files for triggered events and ambient loops.
  • Wrote ActionScript class to prototype our stylized animation.
  • Collaborated with our programmer to design tools for recurring dynamic content.
  • Managed project website.

Tools Used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Flash, Unity, WordPress

Visit the Project Website
Cat Scratch Project Website

ActionScript code excerpt.
This script was used to prototype an automated animation style (crossfading between frames) in Flash. The code then served as a reference for the final script in Unity.